Experiments day 2


Continuing on with the experiments from last week I decided to test some watered down acrylics on board to see what sort of effects I could achieve. I used masking tape to create a rectangle area and to hopefully give me a clean sharp line. The picture to the left shows the result of a watery wash of ultramarine over the previous lined area and the primed plywood. I managed to achieve a translucent effect where the lines could be seen underneath the blue but the effect was not as clean as I wanted. Firstly the watery acrylic bled underneath the cheap masking tape and this spoiled the clean edge I was hoping to get. Also the rectangle area showed the strokes of the brush I used to apply the paint. This was not what I wanted and I was actually seeking a more constant staining with little variation to the surface so that the viewer would be concentrating more on the lines showing beneath.


I did a bit of research regarding masking tapes and I discovered something called frog tape. This is marketed as a painters tape with the specific intention of allowing painters (of the painter and decorator variety) to achieve clean straight lines.

The frog tape is green and can be seen on the board in the photo to the right.

This tape gave me cleaner lines but it was not 100% reliable. I put this down to the the watery consistency of the paint I was using and the fact that frog tape is aimed at people using a thicker type of household paint.


I also discovered that certain colours I was using seemed to cause the pen lines underneath to run and this was not what I wanted. However, I did like the way the translucent wash of paint sat over earlier layers of paint and marked lines allowing them to show through as different colours. This was something I felt I could develop into a final piece.

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