Experiments day 3


Some further experiments today. I decided to make up some small "maquettes" which where effectively like small canvasses or wood panels. The small scale works I used to asses the validity of my idea for making a series of works to be displayed together. These had greater potential than the earlier works but I did not like the harshness of the white paper. I had already tried working straight on unprepared plywood as I really liked the surface colour and texture but the pens and paints bled into the wood making this method impractical as pictured below. I could prime the wood which would enable a better painting surface but I did not like the harshness of the pure white background to the works.


This got me thinking that I would need to experiment further with materials if I wanted my piece to achieve its full potential.

I had purchased a large roll of unprimed canvas and thought that this could be the ideal material to make this work from. I cut of some small sections of the unprimed canvas and and started to experiment with heavily watered down acrylic paints.


The picture to the left shows the result of spraying some watered down acrylics straight onto unprimed canvas. I really like the way the acrylic soaked into the canvas to effectively become part of the canvas rather than sit on the top of it which is the more conventional way of using paint on canvas.


To the right is a close up detail of the watered down acrylics soaked into the unprimed canvas. This was exactly what I wanted as the paint had nice stained the canvas and I could water it down as much as I wanted so that the colour content of the paint would be as weak as I like. I now had to think about how I would be able to paint long clean straight lines onto unprimed canvas and at this stage I didn't even know if it was possible to do this.

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