Experiments day 4


Having decided that unprimed canvas provided the best surface for me to paint onto I set about doing some experiments to find out how the watered down acrylic would take to it. I started by masking of some small rectangular areas with the masking tape then mixing up a heavily watered down acrylic mix. As can be seen in the image to the left the acrylic took to unprimed canvas really well. It soaked really nicely into the surface rather than sitting on the top like conventionally applied paint. The masking tap also gave me a nice crisp line which is exactly what I wanted. The tone of the paint darkened considerably during the drying process so this made it very hard when mixing the paint to predict the finished shade. the tones on the left ended up being much stronger than I really wanted them to be so I would have to add much more water in future to my mixes. I did a small test by mixing some white paint into a watery acrylic mix but the finished outcome was too opaque and ended up looking more like goache than the previous watercolour like results.

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