Painting Progression day 2

Having left the painting for a couple of days I can now see it fresh again. I have discovered that stretching a painting out for several days is much better than trying to complete it all in one setting. I often find that when I look at a unfinished painting I started a few days earlier I see it with fresh eyes. The process of painting is actually quite intensive and often leaves me physically, mentally and sometimes emotionally exhausted. This often makes me dissatisfied with the work I have done and I often feel that the painting is not really going anywhere. However, If it is left alone and I come back to it refreshed in a few days I begin to see a lot more potential in it.

I was previously dissapointed with the intensity of the colours I had used as I wanted them to be much more closer to white. Today I could see that yes they colours were stronger than I originally intended but this was not actually a bad thing and I should continue as I was, slowly adding more and more to the painting but using slightly stronger colours and see what happens.

The second realisation I have had recently is that although I may approach a painting with a particular aesthetic intention in mind the painting may actually start to develope its own identity that is not really what I intended. Often this means that the painting ends up being something quite different from what I wanted but this is a very exciting deviation as I am then not quite sure exactly what I will end up with.


I continued working the painting for a few hours slowly building up the colours until it got to the stage pictured left. Here we can see some areas of localised yet broken colours. There is some really nice marks now on the canvas showing where different layers of paint have built up on top of each other. I was quite pleased with how the painting was looking at this stage and it reminded me of a isolated section from one of Monets enourmous waterlillie paintings and It had the impression of evening light relfected in water. However, It did not look like a painting in itself and It was begining to look like a piece of mass produced art that you may find in next or ikea. It had a decorative quality to it and that is not really what I want my paintings to be.


I felt that I needed to be forceful with the painting and rather than let it become what it will be naturally I started to be a bit more heavy handed with it and tried to push it towards a stronger outcome.

My first thoughts were to go stronger with the colours so I started to apply colours to the canvas with the straight from the tube tones with no addition of white.

The close up picture on the left shows the outcome of an hours worth of the application of the stronger colours.

I decided to stop painting at this stage as I wanted to see the painting with fresh eyes in a few days time.

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