Painting Progression Day 3


I spent time over a few days thinking about where I currently was with my painting. I didnt like the boldness of the colours in the central area so decided to paint over the vivid colours and bring them back to the earlier neutral tones.

The picture on the left shows the first phases of muting the colours. The painting is already starting to look better. I kept up this process of reducing the strength of the colours by constantly overpainting areas with thicker daubs of muted colours. Special attention was paint not to cover the entire canvas as I wanted to have tiny flecks of the earlier stronger painted areas as well as the small areas of the unpainted canvas. This can be seen in the close up picture below and it gives the surface of the canvas a sense of depth.



Several hours of carefully mixed and strategically placed paint and the painting is nearing completion.

I left the painting alone at this stage as I wanted to come back to it with fresh eyes and evaluate if it was actually finished or not

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