Painting Progression day 4

I returned to the painting after a break of several days so that I could assess it freshly. I decided that it still needed more work. I felt there was too much canvas showing and still the tone of the colours was too strong. I continued working it for several hours, carefully thinking about the tones I was using and were I was placing them. Eventually I got the painting to the state in the image below.

I am really pleased with how it has turned out and I feel the work is strong yet subtle. So often in abstract painting (and I have been just as guilty) artits blast colour all over their work to make it as in your face as possible. These kind of works demand attention from the viewer and often after the impact of the sheer boldness of colours has subdued there is little else to hold the veiwers interest. I feel the work below does not have that bold, attention demanding quality but a subdued complexity that rewards the patient and informed veiwer with a greater viewing experience.

The completion of this piece has really got me thinking about the potential power in a highly muted pallet.


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