Final piece

Now that I was able to reliably stain the canvas with the watered down acrlyic paint. I set about making some miniture versions of the aesthetic ideas that I had been thinking about. The purpose of this was to experiment with the different ideas I had for the individual paintings and the installation as a whole. I thought this would make more sense than just producing the canvases and hoping that somehow they all worked as one large piece of art.

11178239_10205769383810570_7645892930840901125_n (1).jpg
11174926_10205769385570614_1374602362424878950_n (1).jpg

11210407_10205769383730568_5499038947567671287_n (1).jpg

Above are some examples of various configurations I was thinking. These were all produce on small pieces of card that was cut to scale with the intentions of mimicking the actual sizes of canvas I was planing to make. I ended up making about 80 small card "maquettes" using lots of the ideas I had been thinking about.

The original intention for the piece was to produce a piece of art that challenges the viewers perceptions of what is painting and what is installation. The thinking behind the aesthetic was the basic principles of painting; the primary colours, the mixing of the primaries to create the secondary colours, the basic shapes of circle, square and triangle, the simplicity of the basic line and the rawness of unprimed canvas. The use of the maquettes was to establish exactly what I wanted to achieve so that the next stage was to simple make and paint the canvases.

I had come up with a few simple designs that I liked so I thought that I should make these up first as once the pieces were actually made they I may have a totally different idea of how they could be displayed together to meet my intentions.

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