Final Piece pt 3

Armed with three made up canvases I came into college with the intention of trying several arrangements against a well lit white wall.

Above are a few examples of the arrangements I tried. It soon became apparant to me that once the canvases where actually made and in front of me any of the earlier ideas I had for arrangements disappeared. With the physicallity of the canvases as the ability to instantly try any arrangement I could think of I immediately ditched my previous idea of working everything out before I actually made anything. In many was I was glad that it turned out this way as I much prefer a hands on approach and to use my instinct as a tool in the production of my art rather than too much labourous planing.

It soon became apparant that I could probably make an aesthetically pleasing arrangement of any number of similiar styled canvases so my goal now would be to go and make several up using aesthetics based on my theme of the elements of paintint (circle, square, triangle, red, yellow, blue).

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