Final piece pt 4


Here is one of the new canvases I made up. This one has the red line painted over the yellow and blue lines to create an orange square and a purple square. This was done by using my rabbit skin glue method and it has come out perfectly.


This second canvas has incorporate all three of the basic shapes and colours. The red circle was completed first in the same manor as the previous blue circle. Once this had dried I masked of the areas for the triangle and square then gave these sections a coating of rabbit skin glue. When the glue had dried I then painted the sections in the relevant colours. This canvas did not come out as well as I wanted it too. Although my method of rabbit skin glueing areas which have already been painted so as to stop the new layer of paint bleeding into the lower layer works it does not allow for as consistent a painted surface as the unprimed canvas. In the photo to the left you can see the yellow square does not have the overall consistency as some of my previous canvases. This is because I am no longer staining the canvas completely like before but effectively painting on top of the glued area. I will just have to live with this for the time being and to be honest I doubt many people would even notice or consider the slight variation between the glued areas and the unprimed canvas areas.

Once I had completed this new set of canvases I took them into college with a few to arranging them against a white wall to give me some ideas of how I would display them at the end of year show.


This is my first arrangement. I like the large canvas sat at an angle which causes the longest line of the red triangle to become verticle. However, when there are several other canvases present it does look a bit odd.


This arrangement is much stronger and I like the overall triangular structure the canvases make as a whole. I really wanted to display the small red square triangle at this angle too. At this stage I decided that I wanted to have a few more canvases to add to my installation especially a large one to mirror the size of the largest one above. I may not actually end up displaying all the canvases as space may be short and the work itself may not call for all of them to be displayed. I want my strongest aesthetic for the show so I will see what space I get allocated and use my canvases as my space sees fit.

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