High Rise inspired sketches Pt 2

I decided to do a few more sketches to follow on from those of yesterday. I thought it would be a good idea to introduce some colour to the works as this may take it in a new direction or produce something that may in turn lead somewhere else.

This sketch moves on from the idea of “floors” laid out on top of and alongside of each other. I chose a selection of colours purely on their aesthetic qualities, three blues, a red and a black, I chose black for the middle area as I wanted to “anchor” the work here and allow the lighter blues on the left to descend into the sketch and give it a sense of perspective.

This is the last sketch from this period that I am discussing. For this sketch I started thinking about allowing the work to breathe a bit with some blank paper about it. I often work around the principle of only covering the canvas, or paper in this instance with what actually needs to be there for it to work. Sometimes people feel some urgent need to cover the entire work surface with anything just to get it covered. However, sometimes I feel myself working along the lines of cover everything so I like to take a step back and consciously only use part of the surface to remind myself that things need space to breath and also nothing can actually say more than something.

Here is a gallery of all sketches I made.

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