New Work / New Direction

On Thursday I visited London to see some exhibitions on my own as well as the college. I stopped off on the way home to Cass Art as I know they often have good offers on spray paint. I wanted to get a fluorescent orange and green for reasons previously discussed and also a couple of greys (4 cans for £20 :). I set about making the alternate orange and green streaks of spray paint I had previously planned.

This was the outcome below.

Once it had dried I assessed it. I had decided to make the bottom of the streaks fade away to reveal the plain white of the canvas. There was no conceptual reason for this I purely thought it would make for a more interesting painting. After looking at the above result for a while I decided that there was just too much going on with the different colours and I thought that once the greys were applied on top there would be too much contrast going on and the painting would not work. I decided then to reprime the canvas and start again.

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