New Work / New Direction pt 2

Today I made a new start on this painting I had been planning. I started by spraying it all fluorescent orange and leaving the bottom faded away to reveal the white of the primer. I also sprayed the sides green so that I still incorporated a degree of my original idea. I then mixed up lots of different shades of grey and applied them in a loose basic grid like arrangement reflecting my current thoughts on the structure of Robin Hood Gardens. I decided to place particular greys next to each other for both harmony and discordance as in the previous grid paintings I had down. I also took special care to ensure that my grey tones reflected a range from light to dark and not just the mid areas which the often seem to.

When applying the paint via a palette knife I decided to make the various marks of different lengths using strokes that were very similar but slightly different. I wanted to create an interesting aesthetic in the work and make the viewer question exactly what they were looking at. As I was making the painting I had lots of apprehension that what I was actually doing was rubbish! I really had to fight this questioning off because I know deep down that I will not be able to tell if it’s a good painting for another few days.

Here is the complete painting

Even at this stage several hours on a still have mixed feelings about it. I really like it and I find it quite challenging a piece of work. I’m a bit worried that it is too simple though and it would be regarded as being what Raphael Rubinstein referred to as "Provisional Painting" in his influential 2009 article in "Art in America" magazine. By provisional he means work that is "casual" "tentative" and a bit "dashed off". He name checks the following painters as making provisional paintings; Raoul De Keyser, Albert Oehlen, Christopher Wool, Mary Heilmann and Michael Krebber, Rubinstein is keen to emphasis though that he is not necessarily saying that this is bad painting its jut it looks easy to make. I was also a bit worried it may be seen as a bit "chancy" so I think it is best to let some time pass before I think about this work too much.

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