Moving Forward

Inspired by my orange painting I now feel that I want to plan more work along the same lines. I feel the orange painting has worked really well but it could be better. I think that it would work well as a diptych with one orange and one green. I feel this may have a really strong visual impact when the two colours are displayed together yet are separate paintings. I am also going to make them much larger, approximately 4ft by 2ft. I will see how these go but I certainly see them being part of the final group of work I show.

Over the next week I am also going to produce a series of sketches to plan out possibly paintings that may accompany the diptych. These will be of a similar aesthetic but differently styled and much smaller. At the moment I am thinking about 5 smallish paintings.

I plan to revist the style of painting i made during the summer break last year where I used a chequered like effect of watered down acrylic paint on unprimed canvas.

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