The Day The World Turned Dayglow pt 2

Above is the result of my first experiment using the fluorescent green paint. As per my earlier Idea I was thinking along the lines of a diptych comprised of two similar paintings, one fluro orange, the other fluro green. I'm already pleased with the proportions of the 2 paintings. I want a long rectangle slimmer than the traditional portrait shaped canvas. Im very conscious of the space available at freerange (and the college) and I don't want my work to disappear in either space nor do I want to make different works for both exhibitions. I am conscious that the display facilities at the college are slightly restricted and paintings need to be within a certain size as they will physically not fit on the white boards that are used to board out the 7th floor during an exhibition.

Getting back to this green painting. I had misgivings when I first sprayed the canvas green. It looked very cold compared to the ultra warm fluorescent orange. However I had strong misgivings about the orange one at first but completed it and really liked the outcome. This has made me more inclined to work with ideas as they may end up with equally strong end results. I am also not content with just doing something "safe" and I want to push my boundaries and extend my practice as much as is reasonable.

After a while of working on this green canvas I keep getting the impression that it was just not working. I really wanted to have a diptych of paintings one orange and one green but its no good displaying something that does not work in a diptych as overall it will lessen the work rather than add to it and I would be better off with an individual painting.

The individual colours within the grey tones appear to get lost on this green background. All my grey tones have been made using various combinations of the primary colours and they all push toward either red, yellow or blue but all these grey tones look very cold. This made me realise that it was the fluorescent orange paint what made the original painting work best. On that original work you could see lots of colours in the grey tones and that was one aspect that made the painting work. This just looks cold, grey and a bit lifeless. In some ways this is quite interesting because many would say that mirrors my subject matter (Brutalism) better. However, you could also say that making large cold paintings is too obvious when exploring Brutalism. Either way the green just does not work so I need to consider my options.

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