Measurements pt 2

Today I measured out some areas on my kitchen floor so that I could make a decision and picture exactly what length stretcher bars I wanted to buy.

After much playing around with the two tape measures I decided on the lengths in the picture above. This is 190cm x 75cm. This would create a nice elongated portrait style canvas. I came to this decision based around the dimensions of my original orange painting and some experiments in photoshop as discussed below. It was helpful to place the tapes on the floor to really see exactly how big these canvases will turn out. That way I can consider issue like where they will be painted and exactly how they will get transported!

I managed to replicate the stretcher bar dimensions of 190x75 cm in photoshop by making the images of my original painting 1900 x 750 pixels. This allowed me to see exactly what a canvas of these dimensions would look when hung on a wall. I really like the fact that they are quite outside the "normal" dimensions paintings often are. This along with the colour scheme and style of the painting helps push the painting further down the "anti-painting" route which highly interests me but first and foremost it is still a painting. I suppose the simplest description I am looking for is "challenging". I want to make a challenging painting.

The bars have now been ordered so its just a matter of making my frames, stretching my canvases and painting them.

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