Brutalist Construction Set pt 1

Through conversations with Lee I discovered that he had scavenged many small pieces of wood that focal point had used to create the recent "bear pit" installation / performance pit. I knew that the bear pit had been constructed out of good quality, thick plywood so i was keen to get my hands on some of it and see what I could do with it.

I took a few pieces home with me and sized then primed them with clear mediums so the wood grain was fully visible but the paint I would then use would not "sink" into the wood. Once the wood was prepared I made up a few shades of grey and got my fluorescent green and orange paints and went about making some marks. Whenever I make a "painting" without much thought I tend to always make mini rothkoesque paintings (as above) with coloured bands floating over each other. This is such a cliche and I generally have to be conscious of this so as not to keep making loads of them. However for the purposes of this exercise I thought it was ok as I wanted to approach this task with little on no idea of what I was going to create except for the inclusion of what I think are the colors of brutalism.

In a short while I made a few more of this simple little paintings then left them to return to them fresh a few days later.

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