The Day the World Eventually Turned Dayglow

I continued working on the paintings over the past few days. They have gone through a few different stages that I will go into below.

The photo above shows where I was when I first thought they were finished. There were certainly looking a lot better than what they were a few days ago but these just did not live up to the image I had in my head. At this stage the paintings seem to have a very definite line around the have way mark where they go from being consistent to being random. This is not what I was hoping for and a wanted a much much subtle change from the consistent marks at the top have to the random marks at the bottom. There was no other choice but I needed to remove some marks and alter the paintings.

During this process I had contacted a horrible cold and was worried that the drowsiness I was experiencing may affect my judgements. I also did not really want to be covered in oil paint and smelling turps all day! However, I needed to resolve the problem so just worked through it.

The photo above represents the paintings at the final stage. I have now resolved the problem of the sudden change in style of marks and they now flow much better. I have also extended the "trails" on the lower marks to enhance the sense of movement. The paintings are similar but not the same and I feel the do work much better as a diptych rather than one individual work.

So far I have only seen them in my garden and I really need to see them in the white walls of a gallery space.

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