Clearing up the Studio Space

This week has all been about clearing up the studio space and preparing the boards. Surprisingly this went really well and we did not have the problems that we encountered over the past couple of years. I think this was mainly down to the fact that we were now the third years so we did not have to wait for them to clear their spaces out which we did last year. Nearly everyone in every year got involved and made a good account of themselves. Sadly one person in the first decided not to get involved in the preparing of the spaces which was quite s shame as she let down not only herself but all three years. This has also made her not very popular amongst her first year colleagues but she only has her self to blame. It certainly doesn't help when she was not in college yet posting loads of photos on facebook about all the things she was getting up to instead.

Anyway, those that were in all worked well together with everyone pulling their weight and people doing the tasks best suited to their skill set. It was good to be able to see the studio in the gallery mode as it enabled me to get a much better idea of how my paintings would work in the space. My first thoughts were actually they are not going to work particularly well as although I had measured and made allowances for the boards I forget just how short they are when compared to the height of the ceiling. This means that it is effectively impossible to view any large painting on its own merits as you are always seeing ceiling and light fittings in your vision. However, this is what it is and freerange will be a much better space in which to display work.

We all took extra care to ensure all the boards were set up well. This entailed sanding down and rugh or dirty areas and applying coats of paint to ensure there was a nice even white surface. The gaps between the boards were all tape up with gum tape and given plenty of time to dry. Once dried they were given several light coats of white paint to make them as unobtrusive as possible. seraval lighter coats are much better than one or two big coats and there ensure the gum does not lift.

Good preparation of these boards is essential to allow a clean and consistent white surface to allow the work to be shown in the best environment possible. Particularily paintings!

The photograph above illustrates my point. The boards are relatively short and there is a lot of clutter between them and the ceiling.

However this is the space we have and we have to make it work. With regards to my diptych there is literally only one space I wanted my work to go in. This is the space in the middle of the picture above that is at the far end of the 7th floor. The reasons for this space is that it gives the viewer the maximum space from which to view my paintings. One thing I noticed whilst I was making them was that they worked best when their was about 10 yards distance between them and the viewer. This allows the paintings to be fully experienced in one viewing. This is unusual as a lot of the work I have made before needs to be experienced up close and personal so that the viewer can see the various layers involved in the process.

My paintings may work in the area where the screen and overhead projector are located as that is at the opposite end of the room but we have not boarded this area up so effectively work cannot be shown here.

Although I have chosen the space I would like my work to go in and where it will work best this all depends on how the tutors curate the show and who will be going next to me.

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