The Day the World Turned Dayglow pt 2

After the visit to freerange I have been thinking about what I can do for a main piece of work. As previously discussed I had been thinking about making a diptych of paintings based around the aesthetic I first explored with the painting below

Although I was really pleased with this work I felt it needed to be a bit "more" for a final piece. Considering the hanging space available at freerange and the college I decided to make some experiments based around the idea of a diptych featuring a fluorescent orange background on one and fluorescent green one on the other. The green one would also be a reference back to the fluorescent green lighting on the southbank that I have previously wrote about.

For this first experiment I also decided to try using a canvas of different proportions to the original one above as it was rather slim compared to normal portrait dimensions. I also thought I would try a different approach for the orange fluorescent sprayed background. I also decided to blend my greys fully before applying them to the canvas so that there was no variation in tones for the individual marks as there was in the original. I felt it was important to try these variations for this experiment as they could led to turning a good painting into a great one.

Above is the result of this painting. Sadly, this painting just did not work as good as the first one. There are many reasons for this which I will go into. I tried to vary the orange spray paint to produce a more mottled effect across the whole painting. This just made the painting look odd. Originally the fact the orange stopped short of the bottom stretcher complimented the grey marks and seemed to reflect there placements. Here together they look just too seperate from each other and instead of that adding interest here it has removed it.

I also mixed up my oil colours thoroughly so that the applied colours would be "solid" with no visual evidence of the colours that produced the tone. Above I achieved this but this has lead to the grey marks appearing flat and lifeless compared to the original. The marks are also too uniform across the canvas making the painting look too contrived. The thing that worked in the original painting was the loseness of the marks. They look like they were applied quickly with a slap dash manner which in this instance was actually a good thing.

Finally the shape of this canvas was heading more towards traditional portrait dimension. Again that has weakened the painting a it is starting to look too conventional here. The original painting look quite unconventional in its use of colour, its marks and canvas dimensions. The experiment above lost all these points so it could be said to be a failure but at least I discovered that several other ideas I had do not work so in that respect it is a success.

This result has made me decide to concentrate on the original idea of a diptych for both shows. With one being orange (but more like the original) and the other being flourescent green. I will start work on the flourescent green one tomorrow but im treating this very much like an experiment to see if the green works before I commit to making it the size i need for the show.

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