Show Night

Last night was our private view and we got a good 200-250 people come. It was actually very busy and I got to speak to lots of people. I felt that everyone who came enjoyed the show and we had many comments do that extent. In my own opinion it was a strong show, much more so than the last third year. I felt that nearly all the work shown was of high quality bar a few students (who shall remain nameless) and these works clearly showed a lack of effort.

There was also a really nice mix of works from painting to mini installations to video to sculpture. On a personal note I was pleased to see so much painting and this is down to the influence of Andy (at least with regards to the first years). In many of the end of year shows I have seen at the college painting has often been quite unrepresented with there being no painting one year. This is a nice change and something I hope to see more of from now on.

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