The Day the World Turned Dayglow pt 3

Now that I have received my stretcher bars I have made my frames and stretched my canvases. Although the bars where long the task was not that hard as they were such good quality bars. They stayed nice and true and stretching the primed canvas was a relatively easy task.

Once stretched I took each canvas into my shed so that I could spray paint the under layers. Through previous experimentation I decided give the bottom of the canvases a coat of evenly applied matt white spray. I felt that this would allow the fluorescent orange on the rest of the canvas to have a greater impact. All canvases were sprayed in my shed for health and safety reasons and I wore a face mask. On the second day I added the upper layers of orange and applied these in a way that gave a variated fade to the bottom of the canvas as in the picture shown below.

Here is one of the completed canvases showing the orange overlaying the matt white and joining in a nice variated fade. The second canvases was done in the same manner but with caution to ensure it was not an exact replica of this one but a similar aesthetic.

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