The Day the World Turned Dayglow pt 5

Today I managed to complete most of the second panel. Now that I had a resonable amount of painted surface I as able to make some evaluations of what I had achieved.

I decided that the canvas on the left had a few too many marks towards the bottom of the canvas so I decided to remove some using turps and lots of clean cloths. At times like this its a good job I own a t-shirt printing business as I have loads of t-shirts with faults in just waiting to be used for tasks like this.

I removed some marks and made some more to the painting on the left. I then took these out into my garden so that I could evaluate them from a distance.

The above photo shows this stage. At this moment I was quite disappointed as the once together the random tapering of marks towards the bottom looked terrible! Its hard to say why they did but they looked to me like a pair of fangs and this is not the look I was going for. At this stage I am thinking that I may have not thought the diptych approach through correctly and this may be a bad idea. I pondered this for a while and decide that it was a good idea I just had not given the diptych enough thought and I was approaching each canvas as a separate entity rather thank one part of a whole. I have decided to rub of some areas here and there and try to make the paintings work as a whole rather than 2 individual paintings stuck together.

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